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We consider every detail in a subject that is often generally forgotten.
it normally needs to take account of the compulsory registration procedures under export and customs law when transporting goods between the mainland and the offshore site.


    Imports either have to be declared as returned goods or as items for import clearance with non-EU country status, 19% import turnover tax and differentiated excise duty, if no export was documented previously when the item left the country. If these obligations are disregarded, there is a risk that fines will be imposed and/or sanctions under administrative law. Any violations of export regulations can be prosecuted as an administrative offence.

   Thanks to our many years of experience and our high level of expertise in providing offshore support, we are familiar with what might happen in daily business and we can respond to unforeseen events in a rapid and flexible manner. Working in conjunction with strong partners, we can provide our customers with full services. They include clearance for free circulation, re-imports, export declarations, presenting items for inspection, eligibility and handling of export tasks, temporary exports, drawing up transit documents and the “summary declaration”.

   It is necessary to take into consideration special features with spare parts, food, used clothing and waste.  

  We guarantee all-inclusive support for exports; this eliminates any delays related to restricted departures by shipping. Imports are only possible from Mondays to Fridays because of the working hours of the customs authorities.

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