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As IFC Group;

Knowing the freight and transportation costs paid by the foreign trade companies located in the Russian Federation, it is primarily to reduce the costs, and as a method, to provide combined service within the framework of competitive and high quality service with the power of our global suppliers with whom we are currently working under contract.

Our company IFC Logistics Inc. Possible benefits of cooperation with Logistics for your valuable company;


With the high carrying capacity and Operational capability of our global partners (approximately 500,000 TEU), your freight costs will be reduced.

Instead of working with shipowners who do not fully have the flexibility of freight forwarding in door-to-door service, it will increase the level of customer service quality and provide a competitive advantage in the market by persuading potential customers to work with IFC in door-to-door service.

You save manpower (Documentation, Operation)


 As IFC, you can focus more on your core competencies with 45,000 employees of our worldwide agencies and Global partners, new technology and especially strong global capital.


The fact that IFC is the market leader in fresh food transportation and has an office in every city with Port and Customs allows it to reach every point in the world, even for small quantities. In this way, we can enable you to reach more customers by moving faster in the market.


We can provide added value in profit/turnover combination with cost advantage by providing logistics services especially to companies that provide specific products such as perishable (dairy products, fruit) and project cargo.

We can accelerate rapidly with 3PL, which includes services such as customs clearance, transportation, distribution and stocking at our bonded areas in Ambarlı, Mersin and İskenderun ports in Turkey.


Depending on the developments in information and information technology, we can reduce your inventory costs with 3PL (Third Party Logistics), which includes services such as transportation, distribution and stocking.


Handling of Transit Containers; We can increase your market share with Sea+ Highway Round-Round Return loads from countries such as All EU COUNTRY to Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkic republics. We can make annual contracts with companies on a global scale to strengthen your hand.


Our working system;

 To provide combined service within the framework of competitive and quality service to the global scale companies we are currently working with under contract and especially to the companies engaged in transit trade in the hinterland of Turkey, therefore, to provide added value to our customers in the profit/turnover combination by using the high carrying capacity and operation capability of our Global suppliers and the contracted figures.


Our other field of activity is the handling of transit cargoes, customs services and guidance in other trades by intermediating the transit trade of companies not resident in Turkey.


We are ready to share information about the issues you hesitate with the participation of the relevant departments (air, sea, land and project) in meeting the common ground, the short, medium and long term path to be followed in market share, competitive freight and 3PL solutions.

From All Over The World


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